Architects Report

Our design, rooted in the Mediterranean tradition of simple sculptural forms bathed in sunlight, aims at creating elegant compositions with clear references to a long tradition of seaside architecture that is suggestive of a relaxed life style in comfortable luminous spaces infused with subtle luxury.

The composition concept merges a functional layout-plan with a unique design approach for each individual villa while at the same time utilizing to the maximum effect the sea-view and the direct proximity to the beach.

Each of the six villas is of a different architectural design, carefully thought out in this forms, spaces and tactile qualities. While their individual uniqueness is enhanced by the fact that there is no repetition between them, all six villas share the same architectural language thus bestowing a desirable architectural unity and aesthetic to the whole of the Project.

Furthermore, great care has also been takes so as to ensure that all the rooms and spaces of each villa have a desirable south-western orientation opening to large individual gardens and facing the sea while, at the same time, ensuring the occupants privacy from the public street.